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WELCOME to ROOTS Athlete Ambassador, Chris Carson. Running Back, Seattle Seahawks

We are homeless. That was the terrifying reality Chris Carson faced as a teenager. The day after Christmas, Chris watched his childhood home burn to the ground leaving his family without a place to live. Needing to rely heavily on the support of others, it’s no surprise Chris has a deep-rooted passion for giving back to his community. Chris is joining ROOTS Young Adult Shelter as our Athlete Ambassador to launch his fight to end homelessness in Seattle.
“We are thrilled to welcome Chris Carson to ROOTS Young Adult Shelter as our first Athlete Ambassador. Working with a professional athlete who cares so much is inspiring. Chris’ support for our gala and cause is bringing so much awareness to youth homelessness in Seattle.”   – Kristen (Development Manager, ROOTS Young Adult Shelter)
Chris hopes his partnership with ROOTS Young Adult Shelter will not only bring awareness to the issue, but also provide hope for homeless young people.
“My mom always told me, you have to find the strength within yourself. Find your why. Find what motivates and inspires you.”  – Chris Carson (Seattle Seahawks star running back)
Those phrases instilled by Chris’ mother at a young age laid the foundation for his work in the community. His partnership with ROOTS Young Adult Shelter will be inspiring, motivational and will have a strong impact on young people.


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