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Socks 'N Salsa


Meet Lewis Alexander. For the past six years, Lewis has hosted a sock-drive in remembrance of his cousin, Justin Schwartz, who used to stay here at ROOTS. It’s a genuinely moving gesture, and awe-inspiring that he and his colleagues keep making this gargantuan effort on our behalf. It is a huge help to us because it ensures all of our guests have constant access to clean and dry footwear (crucial during these cold wet months in Seattle).

This year’s stunning sock donation from Lewis totaled more than $6,500 in value. At a maximum of 45 guests a night that ROOTS can potentially shelter, why would it be important to collect so much? The answer is simple. Each morning and night in shelter ROOTS hands out socks, gloves, and hygiene products to ensure our guests have some of what they need during their days outside. Because these items go so fast, and because guest turnover is so constant, we can never receive enough and we are always in need of more to be donated.

Thanks again to Lewis, and thank you to everyone that makes a cash or item donation to ROOTS. It keeps ROOTS in operation.

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